I'm wondering what PA gear would be needed to perform live. A friend of mine has acquired a decent amount of gear but im sure there is a few more things we need. The band performing would be 4 peice (2 guitars,bass,drums) with the vocalist playing guitar. We would most likely be playing outside on my friends property to small groups of people at parties and such. We already have 2 large PA speakers, a 12 Channel Powered Mixer and a few mic's. I already know about miking drums, guitar etc. Im assuming we would need some floor monitors to help hear ourselves. I don't know very much about live sound so specifics would be great.
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Nearly every venue that provides live music will have it's on PA system and their own sound guy (= Therefore I wouldn't bother trying to kit yourselves out as a fully touring band if you're just starting out...
For small parties and gatherings, the room size will be tiny compared to what's out there, there's barely any point in trying to mic everything up properly because the room is so small anyway...
If you're adament you want to mic everything up for such small sized ocassions then yeah, you will need vocal monitors to hear your vocals...
I would advise you, save yourself a load of money and just buy two vocal monitors, one to face you and one to face the crowd (=
How loud are your amps? If you guys are on a budget, what you have should be fine. If you can afford a couple of floor monitors, that does help a lot for hearing yourself. If the amps arnt micced though, they wont make much of a difference if the PA speakers are loud enough as they are

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