Alright, first of all, I'd like to say, HELLO! I'm new to the UG Guitar Forums but I'm looking very forward to posting on here from now on

So I noticed that their hasn't been too many threads were crust punk was being discussed, found only one thread were anarcho was the main topic, and aside from from the drummer forums discussion of "d-beat" drumming there wasn't any topic on the actual genre known as d-beat.

Which lead to make this thread for all my fellow punx to enjoy!

First of all, let me give a short description of each style that up for discussion.


Anarcho-punk is typically used to describe any and all punk bands who talk seriously about Anarchism in their music, that is, not just for shock value but as an actual political ideology. Some well know examples of this would be Crass, Conflict, Flux of Pink Indians, Oi Polli, Anti Sect and the Dead Kennedy's (although they exemplified the hardcore movement more) It may also be used to describe a certain SOUND reminiscent of these pioneering bands, despite what there personal politics are, though rarely. Anarcho-punk has it's roots in the British punk scene incorporating elements of folk, art punk, and post-punk mixed with raw production, heavy distortion, and lyrical themes of revolution, pacifism, and social injustice.


D-Beat, also known as "dis-core" or "kängpunk" in Sweden, followed suit after the Anarcho punks, but mixed the Anarcho-sound and ideology with the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, creating what many believe to be the first true punk-metal hybrid. The pioneers of D-Beat were the British punk band Discharge (for which the genre was named after). Afterwords, it was developed and expanded upon by The Varukers, Anti- Cimex, Totalitär, and Mob 47. Many confuse the term "d-beat" to describe a specific drumbeat, while popular in D-Beat, isn't the defining characteristic of the genre, since it's been used long before and long after the emergence of "D-Beat" as a style of music.


Crust punk shares a similar history with D-Beat, the two being very much contemporary's each other. While D-Beat attempted to mix anarcho w/ HEAVY metal, Crust sought to blur the lines of punk and EXTREME metal (ie Thrash, Death, & Black Metal), taking cues everywhere from Crass to Celtic Frost. Amebix is oft cited as the "first" Crust punk band, though Hellbastard gave it it's name. Nausea, Aus Rotten, His Hero Is Gone, and Doom are some of the better known bands to have come out of the crust scene. As with D-Beat, their is some confusion over the name of the genre, likely due to the pre-existing term "crusties", voluntarily homeless/jobless people who live a urban nomadic lifestyle. While the share some characteristics such as style of dress and politics, crust punks and crusties differ somewhat in ideology, crusties having more in common with hippies and gutter punks than with the Anarcho and D-beat scenes, who are very much against the drug-abuse and hedonism that the gutter punk/hippy-like crusties exhibit.

Alright, so if your a fan of either one of these 3 styles or you just like them all, POST SOMETHING!!!