Hi Folks!

Can anybody tell me what the deal is with Power Tab & Guitar Pro as all of the tabs I seem to be interested in are in one of these formats...

I've downloaded something a few times and still, somehow, I can't get to see these tabs...

Can somebody please explain??

Many thanks in anticipation!
Guitar Pro is a tabbing software, that costs about 60 USD last I checked. It is well worth the money if you are serious about guitar, composing, and learning other people's songs. Power tab is a free software that is similar. I haven't checked out powertab in quite some time, since I've had guitar pro. Last time I saw it, it wasn't up to snuff with GP, but it got the job done, I suppose.
you need the program Guitar Pro to view these files, it will open the files up in a way that you can see the tabs and play along so that you can learn it. It lets you mess around with settings too like tempo, speed training, view chords, fretboard diagrams, scales, stuff like that. I find it very useful in learning songs.
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I forgot to mention, both GP and PowerTab play the music back to you, you can change tempo, isolate parts, and do all sorts of things. I think GP6 Demo is available on the website, if you are interested.
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Use tuxguitar

It can see both formats

But is also much much worse. And I used it for a week when I didn't have my pc and used a friends laptop instead. It drove me insane, it was awful. Did the job, but I hated it.
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Yea i downloaded power tab and it says its having problems with the font file or somthing... i looked all over google but i cant find out what to do. do any of yall know what to do?
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