I've been planning a Telecaster Deluxe copy build lately, and instead of making my own neck I'm going to order one. I was poking around on Warmoth the other day and I noticed that a lot of their necks were a 10-16" compound radius. Well I know what a compound radius is, but the idea seems really appealing to me. However, I've never played one before. There might be a chance I can play one later today (it depends on what my local shop has, but I'm not too hopeful) but what I'm really asking is: Are these good enough to go out and buy one without playing it?
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Very nice! Plays as nice as a regular neck, but sounds even better!

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I really enjoyed the neck I had on my San Dimas.

In fact, I have a 10-16" In compound radius Pro Strat Neck from Warmoth with Locking tuners. If you want a bit of a discount, check to see if the neck would fit and I'll sell it to you.
I've tried the new Fender 9.5"-14" neck and the old Mighty Mite 9.5"-12" necks and those worked pretty well. Felt like your usual Fender necks, great for rhythm playing, and just flat enough up top to get bends to not choke out.

I've also tried the Warmoth neck and that wasn't so great. It's a lot flatter, I think Fendr and Mighty Mite keep it at 9.5" for the first four frets then start to flatten it out but Warmoth seem to only have it at 10" at the first fret and flatten it out right away. Most of the Warmoth neck felt very, very flat. I've read before that they hit the 16" radius at around the 10th fret and that doesn't surprise me, it felt like it. It's probably great for shredding on but as someone who plays a pretty even mix of traditional rhythm and classic rock and blues style leads, it was way too flat for my taste. YMMV.

I would suggest you see if any stores near you have the new Fender Deluxes in with the compound radius neck. If you can try one of those and you like it but wish it would be a little bit flatter then you know the Warmoth would probably be right for you.
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Very nice! Plays as nice as a regular neck, but sounds even better!

Fretboard radius won't affect tone.

I've played a few Warmoth necks with their 10-16" compound radius, its nice but I personally prefer a flatter straight radius, somewhere between 12" and 16".
I've never been a big fan of low radiuses, flatter boards have always felt more comfortable for me, even when doing rhythm/chord work.

If you're used to a more curved radius, but you find you fret out on bends up around the higher frets, a compound radius is the way to go IMO.