Thanks for the review(s)! "Sympathy" seems like an interesting combination of musical styles in my opinion. Part of it sounds bluesy, part alternative, and part Gospel (the background vocals during the chorus). Sound quality is good! I think this song is a bit quirky at times, but I like things that are a bit different. Vocals are good. Nice recording!
Sounds good. I like the mixture of styles with a primarily bluesy feel. I like the vocals and they sound good, but I agree with Brand in that they feel a little thin or something. Other than that you've got a nice recording.
Returning the crit on my thread in my sig.

The guitar tone is really good, nice and crunchy and understated. The composition is good, good use of chords. The melody is well thought out but I think your singing needs more push, more attitude. Unless that's just your style, that's your thing, but I'd say give itmore welly.
Hey man, thanks for your crit!

I like the structure of the song, it's very chilly and moody. The vocals sound fine to me, you might could bring them up a bit in the mix but other than that, they fit the song. Sorry that I can't give you any constructive feedback, but there is really nothing wrong with the song, you could play it on radio any time. Well, on a radio that plays such music.

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thanks for the crits,

yeah, i always get that about my singing, that i need to either mix it up a bit or sing up.
anyway, all the songs ive been posting here lately are demo versions i did, and are going to be played by a band, finally.
i wrote them (about 9 songs) in the last 6 months, and now ive got a band together, next week will be our first rehearsal together.
Ahh this is brilliant
Love the main riff, and the production is great, the only thing is like everyone's said the vocal is not present enough, though I suspect a little bit of extra compression and EQing can fix that...

Also, what do you use to program the drums? I've always found it a bitch to actually get programmed drums to sit in the mix but they sound pretty damn good on here!

Great job dude!
Great song man, really nice feel to it, and nice mix of styles between the verses and chorus.

Regarding the mix, its quite nice, but I'd remove some of the low end (at least 100Hz down) from the guitar to lighten it up a little and make room for bass. Also those vocals would benefit from some light compression to bring them out. Drums are sitting nicely there already!

Great stuff, keep it up!
definitely got a bluesy feel to it. the lyrics are pretty good too! I love your guitar sound for this song, it just seems to fit.

I don't know much about EQing, but as Cyberbob said, some vocal compression wouldn't hurt.
Quote by jamie29h

what do you use to program the drums?

EZdrumer, its a pretty good thingy.

Quote by Cyberbob

I'd remove some of the low end from the guitar. Also those vocals would benefit from some light compression to bring them out.

Didnt think about the low end of the guitars, but now that you mention it, you're right.
ill try what you said about the vocals and see what comes out of it.

Thanks both for the crits
Nice kinda blusey jazzy feel to it, the composition is great. The only thing I would fix is there's little fuzzyness in the guitar and bass like somethings vibrating idk what its is but if you could fix it would help it out.
Hey man,

Really like rhythm guitar on this one, very bluesy, I sense a tinge of Hendrix, might be getting that from the guitar tone too. Overall, I like it a lot. By the way, what'd you program your drums with? They sound pretty good. As far as the vocals go, I like them a lot. They seem to float over the instrumental. They also manage to cut through the mix pretty well, probably because the other instruments are playing in a lower register.

Overall, very well made, professional sounding, although I feel at the very end of the song you could have rode that out in a crescendo, some sort of intensity building technique to make it end with a bang.

Keep it up man, definitely my style of music.
Was really diggin the overall feel of the song. Riffage was awesome. Backup vox were used very effectively as well. Only area of criticism is in concern of vocals (an area I struggle with immensely myself). More POWER!

Seriously diggin the song though. nice work
Hey semus!

First, good job on your song! It's good homework music (that's not a bad thing). Your song had a nice sound quality and the programmed drums sounded pretty realistic. I like the beat that it played throughout the song. It was a very bluesy song, but I enjoyed the chours with the vocals in the background. Nothing that I would really change really except maybe add more bass to the song to give it a little more beef and maybe either double the vocals or sing a bit louder to make the vocals more prominent. Besides that I thought that it was a great song overall!

Could you critique my song?

Really groovy, really liked the guitar.
I'm not much of a fan of the genre, so pardon any ignorance, but I still enjoyed it. I was a bit undecided on the vocals, I liked it at sometimes, I didn't at other times, just seemed a little thin.
I liked how the song was a little discordant but retained a good deal of melody, as well.
Enjoyed it, man.