Poll: Do you use a Firefox Hot Babe Persona?
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View poll results: Do you use a Firefox Hot Babe Persona?
1 20%
No, but I know of their existence
1 20%
3 60%
Voters: 5.
Does anybody else use a Hot Babe Firefox Persona?




EDIT: I accidentally posted two other threads with the same name. They have been removed.
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Another factor that has grown this myth is a bunch of opinionated guys who really don't know what they're talking about, which to be brutally honest is a bunch of you guys on here.
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^ya, go chrome!!! i dont even know what a firefox babe is anyway...

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this is the internet, it's not like someone can track me down and tell my mother that I have a sexual attraction torwards her.

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I use some Japanese Art persona . Never much got into the whole generic looking "babe" thing, just gets boring.
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