Hey guys.

I dismantled an old 1990's kramer ( http://www.autonobot.com/temp/WF1.JPG ) Identical to that one, and I am putting brand new everything in it.

The only thing I haven't decided on yet, Is the pickup.

I was hoping there would be some helpful suggestions, that went into detail about certain pickups (preferably from personal experience)

What I'm looking for is something very versatile, but mainly for blues/rock/metal.

and one artist comes to mind a lot with this guitar - Joe Satriani.

So, ANY suggestions would be very helpful. thanks
I've tried LOTS of pickup brands over the years in several different guitars; Dimarzio, Seymour Duncan, Gibson, Fender, Fernandez, and Lindy Fralin. I've tried both humbuckers and single coils from most of those brands. After experimenting with all of these different pickups I find that the Fender single coils are the best and the Gibson humbuckers are the best. I believe this is probably true to my ear because it's the most "classic" or commonly recorded sounds I've consciously, or otherwise, heard.
I've played a few of the Dimarzio Steve Vai and Satriani humbuckers. I enjoyed the Steve Vai pickups because they had a very unique tone but I believe you would probably enjoy the Satriani models better because they are more well suited for lower output playing as well.