Recently bought the best of peter greens fleetwood mac, easily the best album ever to grace my ears. Ive picked a few songs up by ear but the only one i can find tabbed is albatross.

Does anyone know where i could get a tab book or if theres any decent ones online?
That would be great thanks, im mainly after Need your love so bad (lead and chords) and Rattlesnake shake (especially the simple but nice "solo bit" at 1:08)

If anyone knows any similar style albums apart from hendrix, zeppelin, SRV, blues breakers could you let me know any recomendations?
I'll be able to do Need Your Love so Bad easily, it's one of the mainstays in my set list. Awesome song. Might take a while because I don't tab stuff out very often, but I know it through and through. I'll work on rattlesnake shake too.