I currently have the peavey Vypyr Tube 60 and I love the tone of the distortion I get with it, but whenever I play leads I can't get the tone I'm looking for. I have the POD GX and I created a lead tone that sounds amazing (like a jason becker/malmsteen style tone) but I can't drag my computer with me whenever I want to play leads.

So can anyone suggest a Amp that would give me a dark (not crispy sounding) heavy distortion and also give me a good leads tone as well?


I'm also thinking of getting the POD floor and just importing my tones from POD farm, but I don't really know anything about that.
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Quote by gsd65
What kind of music/bands do you want to play?

Dethklok type stuff.
you can't get Dethklok stuff off a Vypyr 60?

What settings are you using?

Have you checked with other Vypyr users either here in the Vypyr thread, forums at peavey.com or the other Vypyr settings site I can't think of right now?

What is your budget if you sell the Vypyr and where do you live roughly? We've spoke before I think so
I think you just need to mess with your settings more. Make a new patch on the Vypyr, and just keep messing with it until you get it. It should be extremely possible on that amp.

Are you using any effects on the POD that you're not using on the Vypyr? Have you tried changing your EQ around at all? Usually for a lead tone you want to increase your mids.
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