Are there pedals to boost the gain ontop of a distortion pedal such as the boss metal core? or am i pretty much stuck to if wanting a heavier sound buying a pedal more than $100
The metal core and your amp should have all the gain you need. It'll sound like crap, but have loads of gain
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i doubt its more gain you need. i dont think pedals can be boosted like amps (not digital ones anyway). do you have an EQ pedal in your effects loop? a good bass/treble boost with an eq pedal is key to getting a good heavy sound. you have more than enough actual gain in that pedal.
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what's your gear?

I haven't tried it but i doubt the problem is that the ml2 doesn't have enough gain.
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Some pedals like the Metalzone have all the gain you need. There is also a 'boost' pedal that I believe does something with the pick up.
search google using with terms like "gain stacking" or "stacking gain pedals"...

Some pedals can be boosted and sound good, but...
ok secondary question because im gonna get an eq..would u plug into the distortion from the guitar n then the eq, or backwords?
EQ's work best in the FX loop.
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