so I'm recording something. the progression is your basic E D 5ths for like 95% of it.

I wanted a fast sweeping part and went with the cliche over it - E Minor and D Major.

.. a tab if someone actually needs it..


My main issue is I want one of the tracks to swap to a harmony midway.
I can't seem to get anything to work right.

I first started with thirds. It sounded alright but not great. I tried them an octave below and it wasn't much different. Maybe a little better.

I tried fourths after. I thought I'd stick with them, but something isn't really doing it.
Those would be B Minor and A Major.

It worked fine and sounded pretty fair, but for some reason - the D in the B Minor sweep just really stood out and I kept hearing it in a very obnoxious way. It harmonized just fine but it's like. well it's hard to explain.
but it was just pretty annoying even if no one else notices.
furthermore, I wasn't a huge fan of having to go down. but I don't have like 26 frets..

I tried 5ths and it just sounded like circus music.

Octaves would work but it's not really the sound I'm going for. If there is one.

Anyone have any other ideas?
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6ths can be quite nice.
are you harmonizing diatonically or chromatically (meaning, say you do thirds, are you doing all major thirds or all minor thirds? or thirds that are diatonic to a certain scale). diatonic will sound 'better' but theres definatly a place for non-diatonic harmonization.
all the best.
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Are you pitch shifting in your computer program or are you re-recording them on your guitar. Secondly I have always been a fan of harmonizing with the relative major and minor of the chord. I.E. C major gets an A minor underneath it.

Back to my point though, if you are pitch shifting on a computer it will sound bad no matter where you put it at because it is going to be A. out of key and B. Poor quality.

Let me know if this helps.
when you tried thirds, what exactly did you do? try g major and f# diminished, so it's diatonic

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I did diatonic. I wasn't born yesterday lol.
It just didn't give me the sound I wanted.

@mike, I know. I would never pitch-shift on my computer.
Explain what you mean by the track to switch to a harmony midway....

Are you taking these two sweeps and between the tail of the first sweep and the beginning of the second sweep, superimpose a 3rd guitar playing harmony against both sides?

I'm not sure Im following how and where all these instances are occurring, maybe break it down by this is what guitar 1 does and this is what guitar 2 does, and heres what I need x guitar to do, at x point.


Harmonize with the same chord

if you have a line D F# A D F#, then harmonize F# A D F# A, or A D F# A D
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Explain what you mean by the track to switch to a harmony midway....
The full sweeping part is two measures. For the first measure, there isn't any harmonies. They are double-tracked so there's two takes playing the same sweep. After the first measure, one of the guitar tracks swaps to playing a harmony so the second half is harmonized.

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Harmonize with the same chord

if you have a line D F# A D F#, then harmonize F# A D F# A, or A D F# A D
I tried that. :\ Didn't really sound too grand.

I decided I'd just go with 4ths.
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try something diff,a simple chord to break it up a bit,also why doesnt it sound right,it might grow on u
Use the next inversion of the arpeggio to harmonize it
Example: play a root inversion arpeggio and then play the first inversion along with it this will create a hamony with 3rds and 4ths