Hey guys

For a while I've wanted a bass chorus pedal, I love the sounds they can give and i don't know why I've been putting off buying one.

My first thought was BOSS, but a lot of people say the CEB-3 is somewhat weak, others have suggest the Digitech one as well.

I'd mainly use it for some GnR (Go figure) since I totally dig Duff's bass sound on Illusions, but also some lighter stuff, solo bass compositions ect ect.

Any suggestions from you guys? I'm mainly a BOSS man having tried a few fantastic pedals which usually hold up to standards but this one seems to be very love/hate amoungst the community.

I love Prog, +1 for synth solos and songs about maggie thatcher.


Geddy Lee Jazz (Black )
Fender Rumble 100 (It lights up )
MXR Auto-Wah (Purple... )
Boss Bass Overdrive (I can almsot sound like Chris Wolstenholme )