Hi Everybody,

I am new in here because I am looking for the Tabs of a Song i really like. Maybe some of you know
Zoot Woman - Loosing Sight

For those who doens't, here is a link:

I tried to find the Tabs somewhere on the internet, but never found it. I also tried to write them on my own.
But the truth is, i am just too bad for it

I played the guitare for 3 years about 10 years ago and i even forgot how to read sheet music (i am not sure if this word is right, sorry for my english )
Now i started half year ago to play some songs only with tabs and i want to learn how to play Zoot Woman.

Can anybody of you, who is also interested in playing this song an got the skill, write the tabs and post them? I would be very, very pleased if there is someone who can do this.

Best regards
looking for myself too :p try watching with the video :p
I know there's a C, an Em a D and something with an A or Am in it LOL