Hi guys,

Steve Vai made me pick up the guitar and Gary Moore made me keep playing it.

Here is my weak attempt at one of Gary Moore's s most famous songs.


any feedback is welcome !!

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thanks for your reply man, glad to see somebody with the same music taste as i have. I fixed the timing problems a bit. Its a difficult song for me because of the feeling you have to put into it. The tone i,m not suree i personally don,t like it THAT much i,m content with it but most of the people seem to like itt so it,s cool ;-)

btw: you are a great player
Damn! That was great. I like the tone too. I agree some of the faster parts sound a tad muffled but I didn't find that to be anything too serious. Great playing!
Critin' as I'm hearing..
Love the start
Fast bit slightly muffled
I like the tone.
Not prefect, but it's never going to sound Like Moore. I throughly enjoyed listening to this though. Keep playing man.
Oh my when your guitar started playing, I was like :O That tone is excellent man. I disagree with other people on the timing I thought it sounded fine. But the fast parts, not all but some were as others said 'muffled'. But that really doesn't take away much from the greatness of this. Nicely done. :]