im not really a punk fan but you guys have a good sound
sort of reminds me of some songs on THPS 4
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you guys sound ****ing great, best new hardcore band ive heard in a while man
if you guys have the scene, youre definitely going to make it, but you already knew that
It's hard to find decent hardcore nowadays, and while this wasn't quite as fast as I had hoped, it was still awesome, and some of the best shit I've heard in a very long time. It's sounds authentic. Good but not great production values, and enough musical depth to make it interesting, without sacrificing the rawness.

C4C my hardcore band, perhaps? We're trying to do the same kind of stuff as you. Deranged Youth

I also just want to say that THPS4 had the best soundtrack in any video game ever.
thanks for the feedback people its really appreciated we do play a little faster live as we recorded these after being a band for 2 months, and my vocals are a bit mroe aggressive now as i've got more used to it.. and that deranged youth band are sick man
NObama soundsa bit like minor threat

and yes thps4 has a awesome soundtrack