My friends and I are attending a Jam for our guitar school this weekend, and we need to play a song...the problem is we haven't practiced anything yet. So my question is what are some good songs (jazz/bluesy like john mayer type of stuff) that are easy to play and improv over on bass and guitar.

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johnny be good

Haha, good call...

OP I have a question for you! If a Jam is... "a musical act where musicians play (i.e. "jam") by improvising without extensive preparation or predefined arrangements".

Why do you feel like you have to practice and have something prepared prior? It's a Jam man... get there feel the music, and let it happen
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Well played, sir, well played.
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Thanks man. It's not actually me doing that. It's my sister's boyfriend's band and I've been promoting the living daylights out of them. For good reason. They're quite good.


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