Alright, fellows. I'm leaving Florida, and I've accumulated too many guitars since arriving here. I'd like to take only one or two with me, so all of these have to go. That being the case, I'm not going to let you rob me, but I'm prepared to give you a good deal: the prices listed are what I want for them, yet every guitar will be sold for the best price offered to me, whether its lower or higher.

Note: some of these are without pictures at the moment, so bear with me for now. I will either have them up later tonight/tomorrow morning, or I'll send them to you.

Also important: I WILL trade these for other stuff, even though that goes against the entire point of this sale... I have issues, and you shouldn't judge me :lol:

Description: Jackson COW 7 Silverburst - 9.5/10 condition

Almost completely mint, save for one minor pen-tip sized paint ding near the volume control.

Modifications: None

Accessories: Hardshell case

Price: $700

Description: Wayne Charvel Custom 7 String - 9.8/10 condition

Few signs of play. Practically new. This is the only 7 string Wayne built from what I gather. This is a RIDICULOUSLY nice guitar.

Mahogany body
AAAA Quilted maple top
EMG pickups
Insanely figured birds-eye maple neck
Ebony fretboard
TRS trem
Sunburst finish

Modifications: None

Accessories: Hardshell case

Price: $1700

Description: Gibson SG Standard Naturalburst - 9/10 condition

One tiny dent/impression on the top, some REALLY light buckle rash on the back (hardly noticeable in most lighting), and light play wear otherwise. Amazing guitar - one of the good Gibsons.

Modifications: None

Accessories: Deluxe Gibson Gig Bag

Price: $900

Description: Ibanez VBT700 black - 9.8/10 condition

Light play wear/polishing swirls. Clean and flawless over all. Amazing guitar, by any standard (honestly).

Modifications: None

Accessories: Hardshell case, obnoxious yellow strap

Price: $500

Description: Ibanez S7420FMTT limited edition - 8.5/10 Condition

Two small paint chips, very light play wear over all. Excellent condition.

This is the limited edition version with the wave inlays. Amazing guitar in every way.

Modifications: Possibly after market pickups.. maybe Evo's? I'm not sure

Accessories: Hardshell case

Price: $800

Description: ESP M-7 Custom - 9/10 condition

One chip above the input jack, clean otherwise. This is a remarkable guitar to say the least. Built in the Big Boss Japanese ESP custom shop.

26.5" scale
Alder body
Maple neck
Ebony Board
Duncan pickups
Tremol-no installed

Modifications: None

Accessories: Hardshell case

Price: $1700

Description: Ernie Ball Music Man BFR Baritone JP6 - 10/10 Condition

Almost no play time on this - probably less than 2 hours. Guitars aren't built nicer than this, plain and simple.

27.5" scale

Modifications: None

Accessories: Hardshell case, case candy, COA, etc.

Price: $2500

Description: Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom - 9.5/10 condition

One almost unnoticeable tiny impression on the back, and some faint hardware discoloration, although the hardware can be changed for next to nothing and the guitar will essentially be like new.

Amazing guitar - thinner 60's neck profile.

Modifications: None

Accessories: Hardshell case, case candy, etc

Price: $2300

Location: Loxahatchee, FL

References: Lots from sevenstring.org, harmony-central, jemsite, rig-talk, the gearpage, etc.

Contact: PM me or e-mail: adamofangels@gmail.com