I am going to buy an amp. I am looking at the Orange Rocker 30 or the Bugera 333XL 212. I prefer the Bugera just because it is more in my price range, but I just wanted to know your thoughts of the Bugera and also a bit about it and what sounds it can do. I know it has a lot of gain but how are the cleans and how versatile is it? You could maybe suggest other amps. I like Blues, Classic Rock, Grunge and Thrash Metal. Things like Led Zeppellin, Pearl Jam and Pantera.
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The rocker should be better for the majority of those. Though there are amps in your price range that could do what you want.. Not that the bugera wouldn't do a good job.
the 333 has ALOT of gain, really more than you would need for those styles. that said, it is a great amp an dthe EQ makes it very versitile.
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