So i'm looking at getting something Handwired and most likely OLDE as far as amps go, and i will have around 900-1000$ heading my way after i sell a storage trailer(i suck at backing those things up!!!)....Anyways...

I am familiar with some of the olde Silverface Fenders and i've seen alot of different models that arent priced up the roof, but i dont want to limit myself to just Fender.

Also(puts isolation headphones on the Bassman) a step down in watts so breakup doesnt need to be achieved by insane volume?

Style of play is mostly 60s to 70s rock so some mild breakup etc, but for the most part a clean amp.

as far as Fenders on ebay, I'm only able to find Silverface Twins, Bandmasters, and Princtons that arent priced over 1000$.
Perhaps it's different where you are but you can buy blackface twins and supers all day long for $1000 around here. Try your local craigslist and used music stores.

Most of those amps other than the single-tube guys and the deluxe reverb are going to be very loud by the time they OD. A twin is clean nearly all the way up the volume knob. The bassman and super will OD sooner.

Another good option is to get a blackface Bandmaster, which is the Super Reverb but in head form, and then buy a modern cab. That should save quite a bit of money since the bandmasters can be had for $5-600.
silverface with a tube screamer
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ya i will be avoiding the twins, i've had one at one point and although beautiful sounding, it didnt like to breakup! My Bassman is in the shop, but its doable, but im thinking in the 20watts or so...i do crank the Bassman, but i'd like to have a chance of not! lol.
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http://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/msg/2279023141.html 1971 vibrolux, $1000.

That's the kind of ads i'd be looking at. 35-40 watts, breaks up pretty early, provides eargasms without trying...

i'm not saying buy that one, i'm just using it as a reference. i've seen them go for $600. He's a bit high imo.
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