I found this sweet looking axe in a pawn shop, and I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about it. I've never seen one before, and it's pretty cheap, but I haven't bought it yet. I'm still thinking about it.

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Stienberger copy of some sort?

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yeah, like some sorta Steinberger, Jem/Warlock hybrid thing... pretty damn sweet though, id say !
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Never seen anything with that spec set, it's definitely either custom or so heavily modded from something else that it might as well be.

The fretboard and monkey grip suggest JEM, the body cut by the bridge suggests the old Reb Beach Ibanez sig, the pickup selector looks like it's off an S series to me, the pickup set is off something completely different and the bridge/lack of headstock suggest Steinberger...

It's a very strange beast, test it out, see if it's worth the cash yourself.
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WTF is that shit? Lol, it looks like someone mixed together a Warlcok, Steinberger, and Ibanez JEM. Ask to try it out. It could be good, or a complete piece of crap.

Edit* The paint job is horrible. It looks freakin' tie dyed.
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Kind of looks like the Steinberger Demon, but that one doesn't have the handle cutout like the Ibanez's.... The Demon and a Jem made a guitar baby?
I would ask to try it out, but it's down in Florida, and I'm in Idaho right now. My parents just asked me if I'd be interested in it, haha. I figure that if I can get it for like 150 bucks, it'd kinda fun to get some pickups and see how good it could sound. I literally laughed out loud when I saw it. It just looks so damn goofy, but in a kinda cool way. Definitely right on the line between quirky and stupid.

EDIT: The more I think about it, the more I think that I'll probably buy it if I can get it for 150 or less, and I'll put a Dimarzio Mo Joe in the bridge and Pro Tracks in the middle and neck. I bet it'll wail
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On the left of the neck where it meets the body, there is a brand name, it looks the same and is placed in the same spot as "Godin" on my Godin Redline 1, I havnt seen a godin like that before though
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I know for sure that it isn't a Godin. My parents told me what the name on the body was when they told me about the guitar, but I don't recall it offhand. I know that it wasn't the name of a major guitar manufacturer, or of any smaller company that I was familiar with.

I also think that the paint job is kind of cool, in a cheesy 80s way.
Looks just like Paul Misfal##$si^efa@#s@ofed from Cynic's guitar.
Could be a BC rich maybe, or a warmoth.

I love the fact it has no headstock.

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Get a better picture of the bridge. I have not seen that type of bridge before, or that color, and Ive seen a lot of Steinberger bridges.
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Looks like POS chinese Steinberger copy. Keep your money.
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