Hey guys. I figure this might be as good a place as any to ask for help about this.

My guitar tone is too shrill and I get too much pick noise using Pod Farm. I'm using the following setup:

Drive: 10%
Gain: 65%
Tone: 35%

Line 6 Insane:
Gain: 20
Low: 20
Mid: 85
High: 75
Presence: 88
Volume: 85

Use a different amp model. Try totally different settings. On my POD i use the Chemical X, Treadplate Dual, and Line 6 Treadplate models. If you have model packs there are even more possibilities.
I have always found POD Farm in general to have these characteristics to some extent.

Looking at your settings though, you have a whole ton of highs/mids in there, which is always going to lend itself to a shrill tone. Also, try reducing the gain. You don't seem to have too much, but the symptoms you're describing sound like too much gain could be the cause.

If none of that helps, I suggest a different amp model. I always found the 'Insane' to be fairly sterile sounding.

Don't forget to experiment with different cabinet impulses. The Greenback models for example are much duller sounding than the V-30. Similarly, different microphones will give a different response, and these are detailed in the same window.

If you can, get an SM57 or something and start micing up your amp. I find POD Farm always has a nasty hissy buzzy top-end and is just white-noise past about 6k really with high gain stuff. It can sound really really nice and convincing for cleans and softer stuff, but for me it just don't cut it for metal.
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Don't worry about pick noise. You won't really notice it in a mix. Even Santana has some very loud pick noise in some of his tracks.

The only way to lessen it without harming your sound really is by lowering the gain, but no one is really going to pay attention it. The size of your pick can play a part too though.

Like Daemos said - impulses are a must. Delete your Pod Farm cabinet and add in Kefir/ Lepou's cabinet sim and load custom impulses into it.
You can find the cab impulse loaders through a quick google search and you can get impulses at www.guitarampmodeling.com in the impulse section.

They'll make your sound way more realistic since you'll be using impulses of real cabinets rather than a crummy replica.
As J Mud said, do not use the Insane model. It's horrible. If you haven't already, I'd invest in the metal shop pack. I can't even remember what high gain model come with stock with POD Farm, but here are some general tips:

- Set everything at 50%/noon and start tweaking from there.
- Get most of your gain from the tubescreamer, not the amp.
- Noise gate is a must, especially if you're using the tubescreamer. Play with the threshold until you get rid of any noise when you're not playing, but still have enough sustain and meat for when you are playing.
- Make a large cut at 4khz with the EQ in your DAW. Adjust the Q until you've eliminated the hiss.