I live in Canada and I am looking for a good blues show to go see this summer as part of vacation.
I don't care where in the U.S, I'll take the plain.

I already looked at KWS, Joe Bonamassa and ZZ Top websites to realize there is nothing planned for the month of June/July.

Any suggestions ?
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Howard and the White Boys have a few dates in the Southern Illinois area:

And then Buddy Guy's Legends bar always has shows:

Or you could go to a blues festival where you can see a variety of blues musicians in one place over a weekend. That sounds fun:

The Chicago Blues Festival is June 10-12
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Although I wouldn't call them pure blues (they certainly have one foot and a few toes in the blues) I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to see the Wood Brothers. Oliver Wood is an incredible songwriter and a pure musician. They are touring so if you check their website you will find the dates.

Youtube 'em. Definitely one of my all time favorites. And I'm usually a Muddy, Howlin' Wolf, BB, Freddy, kinda guy