Hi there, just wanted some advice/help.

Ok, right now my setup is a Gibson Les Paul Studio and a Vox VT40+. I love my Gibson but I also want a Strat because alot of what I play is blues and strat orientated. I have about £450 currently and the highway one strat is about £600 so I could get the money pretty quickly. Do you think my amp is good enough? Right now, I only play at home but from September hopefully I will start jamming with people (I am only 15 btw) so should i keep my amp and buy the strat, or upgrade the amp first. If I bought the guitar, I could save up money for an amp by september so would it make sense to buy the guitar and then buy a new amp in september if I start doing things. Will my current amp be good for now just practicing?

Ok that was alot of rambling so I am sorry for that.
Thanks for anything you can help me with.

Ps. I am not a spoilt child, I just keep hold of money
Do you think your amp is good enough?
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I'd upgrade the amp, possibly to one of the midrange tube Fenders, and hold off on the Stratocaster for now. If you're going for single-coil tones, you might consider installing a coil tap on the Les Paul. That's just my opinion though
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