I just bought an ESP LTD EX-360 and it has a tune-o-matic bridge. Its my first guitar with a TOM bridge so this question is probably very easily answered.

I'm setting up my guitar and I need to adjust the intonation but the intonation screw heads are facing the bridge pickup. The screw heads are phillips and I can't get a phillips screw driver in between my pickup and the bridge to adjust the screws. If I could find a very small offsetted (90 degree) phillips head screw driver I could get in there no problem and adjust the screws. The only offsetted phillips screwdriver I can find is just too big to fit in between the pickup and bridge.

If someone could just let me know what tool I need to adjust those screws and where I could find it, that would be awesome! Also if anyone could tell me some tips on how to adjust those screws to adjust the intonation, that would be great also.
tiny screw drivers. like the set you use for glasses.

and if you dont know how to intonate?
then check the setup thread. green link in my sig,

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I turned them around on my Jackson and just set it up. I fuss u could always bend a screwdriver if u had to. But it's strange how thay like almost put the bridge on backward.lol
I definitely know how to intonate. But yea its weird having the screws facing the neck haha