ok so heres the deal,
i want to start recording song covers with my friend and put them on youtube, ill be playing guitar while she sings, but i dont know where to start equipment wise, i have a webcam with good picture quality but the mic in it is awful, is it possible to buy a microphone and use that with the webcam? or should i go out and buy a digital camcorder?? from what ive seen a lot of people have like a mini recording studio with microphones,mixers and special software, i would love that but it sounds pretty exspensive, at least for the moment maybe when we get going ill look into the high tech stuff..so anybody any suggestions on what i should do???

Any replies much appreciated
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Get a toneport UX2.
You can connect your guitar and mic simultaneously and it has pretty amazing quality for its price.
Actually, home recording isn't too pricey nowadays. If you're willing to spend at least 200 dollars you can get some decent gear that would be enough to record what you want.

All you need is a simple USB interface and a mic if you want to mic something up.

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Get a toneport UX2.
The UX2 doesn't have great mic preamps. There's more in the same price range that'll do a better job for your wants.
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Ok thanks for the reply.so basically the main thing i'd need to get would be a good quality USB condenser microphone??
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Get an omnidirectional condenser microphone and a little interface with phantom power, use some video recording software and set it up in the preferences menu so that the audio input is coming from the interface, and the video from your webcam, then hit record.

A better sounding way would be to use some multi track software, like Logic or Cubase, or Audacity if you want a free one and record your guitar parts with the microphone (ALONG TO A CLICK TRACK, cannot stress that enough for a good recording), and then record the vocals over the top. Lots more control over volume etc
what Jimmy said.

except forget Audacity. Get Reaper to record with. You get an unlimited evaluation so it won't cost you anything unless you want to pay for the license.

An Audio Technica 2020 is a great low price condenser microphone.
It retails at about 100 (plus shipping), but if you know where to look then you can get one for as low as 65 dollars in total brand new.

As for an interface, a cheap and decent one would be the M Audio Fast Track MKII. About the same price as the Audio Technica.

If you'd like something a little better then the Presonus Audiobox is good and same with the Focusrite Saffire 6.
They retail at about 160 and 200, but can be bought for much cheaper as well if you know where to look.
forgive me now but i am just really slow in this area of music :L is this reaper thing your talking about software yes?? I really would like to record the guitar and vocals separately like jimmy said, its this software id need to do all this?? and editing etc?
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ok nevermind the last post i researched reaper and it seems like just the software i want, im gonna go ahead and buy a condenser mic and ill go from there.. Thanks a million for all the replies, ye helped in a big way

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