I was just watchin an old tape of In Your House, Taka Michinoku came out and I re-realized how epic his entrance theme was. Then it brought me to remember all of the awesome themes of WWF/E. Undertaker's ministry, Corporate Ministry DX, Stone Cold, Nation of Domination, Headbangers, Bret Hart amongst others. What were yours?
Kane's theme back when he still ahd the mask.

Does he still use the same theme?

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Kane's theme back when he still ahd the mask.

Does he still use the same theme?

he uses a variation of it it's just the first part of it with the fire but not the cool guitar part
American Males

they're WCW but so what >.>
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****ing love Road Dogg's entrance - especially on the old psone game.
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You'll have more luck posting this in the Pro Wrestling Thread.


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American Males

they're WCW but so what >.>


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Also, tough choice... but here's a few: Nexus (12 Stones - We Are One), Triple H - My Time and Batista - Unleashed. That is all for now.
This will start a RIOT! in me
...if its good entertainment youre going for.
burn a bowl and you can watch that for hours
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Oh wait, WWF/E? Damnit.

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American Bad Ass worked well (I thought)
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Hardy Boyz, without a doubt.

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