Hello, My buddy just got an Ibanez Rg370dx for $389 which I believe is an awesome deal. We played around with it for a while and noticed we had $300 left in our budget and proposed a few things. From research and experience, a Floyd Rose could fit in place of our horrible Edge III. and we talked about replacing the infinity humbuckers with either EMG 81/85s or a bridge Dimarzio X2n and a neck 100 super distortion.

We want some suggestions from other guitarists because we don't want to learn from mistakes, we want to get it right from the first attempt.

ANYTHING is accepted here
How is full price a good deal?

Anyway, apparently from what I've read from a few people on here, the Edge III isn't a direct replacement for an OFR. I think an Original Edge is though, and that trem is arguably better than an OFR anyway.

I would highly recommend the EMG set over the Dimarzio's. The X2N is a very difficult pickup to work with, and I would not recommend using a Super Distortion as a neck pickup.
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