So I've been doing all sorts of nasty things to my Squier Affinity strat, but in the end, one of the most basic upgrades out there eludes me: a new nut.

The model of strat I'm rocking has an unusual nut width - 41.9mm, and slightly narrower string spacing (6mm? - I'd have to look it up).

So I buy a 42 mm replacement for a standard strat, which works fine, but the string spacing's out of whack, It's manageable, but it significantly lowers the playability of the high, and to a lesser extent, low e strings.

I could buy a blank and do it myself, but I don't have the tools, or the degree of precision and patience necessary.

So, would anyone be interested in making me a nut to the specifications of a Squier Affinity Strat? Bone or Graphite. I'm based in the UK, but international postage won't be expensive for such a small item.

If you fancy making a fast buck, name your price.

If you're in Falmouth, why not take it down to Mojo or Sheoak and see if they'll do it?
Mojo's closed down, unfortunately! They'll be missed, for sure.

I had a chat with Sheoak, and they're not into that line of work.

Maybe I should have a look in Trago; if you can't find (a knockoff of) something there, it probably doesn't exist.
i know its not local but there's a luthiers by mine that's called KGB music link: www.kgbmusic.co.uk
and they do all sorts of stuff like that, you could get in touch with them and ask if they could make you one? in their "gutiar repairs" section they do say they do new nuts and saddles.

and pardon the amateurness of the site, but i use these guys to set my guitars up and all other running fixes, and they're phenomenal! they've been part of the guild of master craftsmen for 15+ years so they're good.
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I don't think Trago sells that many parts well, specifically the one you want. Maybe the original nut was filed down 0.1mm because it wasn't installed straight? You could probably get some material on Ebay, get a file, trace around the original nut and make it yourself.
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Some Squier Strats have very narrow necks, and the ONLY way to get a quality nut for them is to buy a blank and make it yourself (or have someone make it for you).

But it's well worth it.