Hey guys, I've been play a ton of thrash lately and was wondering if anyone has any upgrade ideas. I currently have a 50w marshall solid state from the 80s or 90s (RCD 50 i think its called), a POS ibanez gio (stays in tune for about 2 minutes), and an epiphone 1966 reissue sg (works relatively well compared to the ibanez). I like old thrash like slayer, megadeth, metallica's first couple albums, and stuff like diamond head and other old metal. Any good guitars for the price for music like this? I'm basically broke right now but once I start working again my budget will probably like $500 or less, $600 MAX but that's pushing it. Also any good thrash pedals.
Almost any guitar can do thrash. What you need is an amp that can do thrash. It doesn't matter how awesome your guitar is or how amazing your dirt pedal is, it's going to sound like crap through a crap amp. The general consensus is that Marshall solid states are pretty bad. That's because they are.

I'm too sleepy to actually recommend anything in particular, but just keep that in mind and hopefully someone else can help you.

EDIT: I'll give you a freebie. This guitar screams thrash. http://backstage.musiciansfriend.com/Guitars/Electric-Guitars/Solid-Body-Electric-Guitars/LTD-FX-360-Electric-Guitar.site1prod584489.product

Keep in mind that it has active pickups which, coincidentally, don't go well with solid state amps, generally.
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