Hey guess im having a weird issue with my EMG's. Basicly I have an 81, a SA, and an 85 wired to a 5 way blade, one volume, one tone. Its all quick connect system so i dont understand whats happening or why. Basicly the selector switch does nothing at all, and the volume and tone pots make no diffrence at all to the sound. but it has full sound.

Ive tried looking this problem up but cant find answers anywere. It is wired to the specification of the 3 pickup diagram by EMG.
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I cant sort of help you, I had this problem when I installed mine into a five way switch, I gave up in the end, and the guy spent ages trying to figure out with all different combinations of wiring and in the end we couldn't get it to work and ended up having to install a 3 way pickup switch.