so i'm lookin for a used guitar that i can turn into a project, now i've found a few guitars, 2 used, 1 new. these are the guitars:
Squier Tele Custom H/H (used- 185$ CAD)
Squier Standard Strat S/S/S (new- 250$ CAD)
Fender MIM Standard Strat S/S/S (used- 310$ CAD)
my question is, is it worth the extra 100$ or so for the fender? keep in mind i will be replacing pickups, electronics and various other hardware.
muchas gracias!
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I'd go with the tele if you're okay with having a fixed bridge
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If you just want a decent guitar to have fun with, get the Tele.
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If you want it to be a project, get the one that has the best feeling neck. You can replace hardware, pickups, and electronics, but replacing the neck or body means it's just a different guitar.

Obviously it will be difficult to tell which one has the best neck and body without playing them, but you should look up reviews (I suggest Harmony Central) and figure out which one is most consistently high quality and would be best-suited to become a project.
Its worth it for the fun of making a cool guitar.

There exists no real way to recoup that money later. Its no profit center, but a lot of fun IMO.
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