It started with the cool but effervescent sound of a sliding glass door making it's way along the grooved track on the floor. It sounded like the wind rushing over the green haired patches of land where the windmills stood like sentinels, watching the pristine landscape like prison guards over a Nazi death camp. There was an infinitely miniscule stretch of time, when the glass barricade slammed like a freight train into the sterile white doorframe, where my fate was unknown to all but the towering figure which stood looming before my ever dishonest eyes. He tilted his craning neck downward. Our eyes met. For a thousand generations they sat in their sockets, zealously transfixed upon one another. Their stillness as they gazed upon eachother's glassy coats as paralyzing as the restraints that kept me bound to the silky white bed sheets like Jesus to the crucifix. Mine were the first to flinch. Oh, how I despised them. How I despised their lies. As I let my eyes retreat to their duty of mechanically following the ambiguous shapes and faces that danced on the wall, I listened for the numb, passionless voice that I knew would soon escape the looming figure's mouth. Though as the hands on the clock moved from 3 and 2 to 3 and 3, still no sound emerged. I wondered. I came to the conclusion that my eyes had lied to me once again. I wondered, did they even feel remorse? Or were they as cold and emotionless as the walls which had occupied their time for as long as I could remember? I remembered how they had been punished by the little yellow dots that looked like demon's eyes and came in a bottle marked "RISPERIDONE 3MG". And I remembered how the bottle they came in had laid open on the floor, and the little yellow dots all stared up at me, like demons from hell beneath me, reminding me with their prosecuting gaze that all hope was lost, like the life that once belonged to me.

Thumbs up to whoever knew what this was about from the title.

Can you tell I'm new at this?
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