A quick question, I am currently learning this piece full of repeats. After I play through the piece once and reach the end it says, "D.C. al fine." So, I return to the head and play the piece all the way through again to the fine. My question is, while I'm playing the piece the second time are you typically supposed to take the repeats or skip them? It is not noted anywhere on the piece.

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Play the song exactly as it's written, repeats and all
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Quote by stevo_92
Play the song exactly as it's written, repeats and all

Thank you for the answer sir.
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Taken from:


"In the American tradition, it is common to stop at the Fine without repeating again. (The repeat is meant for the first time through). This is, of course, unless there is a marking that states to repeat the section again. In some European tradtions, it is not un-common for the repeated section to be repeated again before stopping at the Fine. As with many other parts of music, this is something that is left to the performer (in solo work), or conductor to decide upon."

Just make sure you don't get stuck in an endless loop of repeats.
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What piece is it? Is it bach?

I'll quote my go-to source for questions like this: "Keyboard INterpretation" by Howard Furguson (a fantastic book).

"Pairs of galanteries together form tripartite structures (A B A), like the more familiar minuet and trio. Thus Bourrees I and II in Bach's English Suite No. 1 in A are played consecutively with all the marked repeats, and are then followed by a return to Bouree I without its repeats."

So, while this doesn't directly apply to your question, I would take from it that you are not required to take the repeats again, but it is a question of judgment that you must make as an interpreter based upon the music itself, its not an arbitrary "yes or no" answer. You have to study the piece and do what feels right to you. If it seems to fragmentary without the repeats, then take them. If it seems to just babble on forever with the repeats, then by all means, drop them. Above all, make it your choice that you've thought through, and you will be fine.