I have $300 saved right now, and i should be coming up on the other 200 or so pretty soon and I REALLY want to build a tube head, i just dont know which one to get!

I play a lot of metal, but Im also equally fond of the SRV bluesy and Hendrix driven tones

anyone know which of these would be best for my style?

thanks for any help!
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I'd go the 6M45P with the EL34 tubes. It's a bit above budget if you get the combo version, the head by itself is less, but it should do the tones you want.
It also depends on what you use it for, you don't always need 50 and 100 watt stacks for practicing.
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do you have a build thread jason?
looked through your threads, guess you dont.
if you were thinking about it at all it would be great to see how one builds a tube amp

is it really that difficult? i looked at the layout and it seems like smooth sailing. I dont know how wrong i could be though

also, i know theres no way of knowing til you get one, but do you think would it be able to pull off that numetal sound?
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No I don't. I just starting putting the board together anyways. There's some stuff you'll have to figure out that's not covered in the layout, like what kind of grounding scheme you want to use. You also have to be ready to trouble shoot if the amp doesn't work. If you're serious about it, look at the amp building forums on weber's sight. There's a lot of good info there.
Another thing I found today when assembling the chassis; some of the holes on the chassis are too small. None of the jacks or switches will fit without drilling the holes bigger. It's not a big deal, but something to keep in mind.