From what I know, tapping your feet is the only way to keep on rhythm, anyone else have any helpful suggestions?
Bob your head (headbanging useful for more than being br00tal? ), count in your head (do this anyway!), listen to your drummer/metronome (should be doing this anyway ). Subdividing beats (ex. counting eights instead of quarter notes for basic rhythms, can subdivide further for faster passages) helps a lot for precision.
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i think head bobbing is more natural than tapping your foot. it's what i always revert to when i'm trying to record stuff.
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I either tap my foot, bob my head or (if I'm sitting) kinda jump in my seat. Well, not jump but kinda jerk my body to the rhythm. I only do that when I'm playing funk tho :/
Much like tapping your foot, try standing and rocking from one foot to the next using your own momentum to keep a steady beat. You'll find that it is quite easy to stay perfectly on your beat. Learned this from a music professor who does all the percussion stuff at school.(College of St. Scholastica in Duluth MN)
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But seriously, toe tapping works. Even playing along with guitar pro or a program like that might help.....not always, but if the tab is spot on, go for it.


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