Hi everyone.

First of all I will say that I have been a member of this site for ages (ever since ol' 'Taborama' went down and I thought tab sites were all but lost), and I often visit this forum to have a little listen to the Original Recordings posted up, as I am always on the lookout for some new tunes, and find it more interesting to peruse the eclectic blend of styles and genres used in all this material.

I have recently decided, however, to try my old hand at this songwriting thing, as I have 1,000,001 riffs written, and have finally (after acquiring a basic portable multi-track) recorded a [very] basic demo of a song I wrote years ago and never seemed to forget.

Now I know the mix isn't perfect, and I played all instruments on the first go round with no editing, so I know it is littered with mistakes and bum notes all over the place, but I was interested to see what you guys made of it. I am struggling mainly with an outro and some sort of melody line for lyrics (of which I still haven't written) so any help particularly in these areas would be greatly appreciated.

Lastly, I know the tune itself may be slightly 'radio-friendly' or 'poppy' but please try and bare with it. Any criticism levvied at me for this I am happy to accept.

So please pull no punches, and let me know what you think, so long as it is backed up by evidence. 'It's s**t' as a statement on it's own, although factually accurate, doesn't really help me.



PS: Sorry for the strangely formal and sincere 'letter' to introduce myself.
It took me ages to find out what it sounded like, but I've found the track. To me the guitar bares a lot of resemblance to The Foo Fighter's Everlong... But that's besides the point.

I liked the bass and guitarplaying, but the transitions seemed a little off, and the drums were a bit awkward at times. And yeah, that ending :p. This, with a good vocal line + lyrics could result in a pretty decent song though!
Tell me who's that writin'...
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