I hear a lot of pick and the vocals sound like maybe your not singing it loudly/proudly enough or that you just have the voice to sing. It seems that you stay in key well, I just dont like the tone of it, the effects on your voice make it sound phony.

Did you record the guitar and the vocals separately?
Yeah, I did record it separately. The only reason I wasn't singing too loud was because it's late here, people are sleeping, I might re-do it tomorrow if it's too soft, also, I only use some reverb and chorus for effects.

Also: The 2nd half of the song is me doing a falsetto octave harmony, not an effect, if that was confusing.

Yes, poop.
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Also, How can I get rid of the pick coming through the mix? Any remedies?
mic position can lessen it.

but don't worry about it.
listen to a professional album with a mic'd up acoustic and you'll hear it as well.

it leaves it sounding more natural.

though there are parts where you hit your pick against the guitar and those should go. but the actual strumming pick sound is okay.

the acoustic guitar is very muddy though. use a good parametric EQ and take out the really low frequencies so it'll sound more clear.
Thanks man, I messed with the EQ and popped out some low frequencies and raised some of the high ones. It does sound better.

EDIT: You are a girl. I should pay closer attention.

Yes, poop.
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I usually play my acoustic through my amp with it mic'd i think it cuts down on the pick sound.

I live in a large apartment, so I can get a good amount of volume with out bothering anyone during the day. Maybe try to record during the day when extra volume wont bother people. Its not a bad effort its just rough sounding. Practice and better recording would leaving you more satisfied with your final product.