The riff which starts when James starts singing (lost in the sky..). It's kind of tricky and I'm not sure to use wrist movement or elbow movement to play the chords after the 00 on the low E.

However, the real problem I'm facing is that my pick slips when I try to play this riff, so it becomes harder and harder to play as the riff progresses. Never really faced this problem in quite a long time after I changed my pick grip, so I'm not sure whether it's my pick grip or the riff which is causing me problems?
Wrist movement. Down pick every note. If you need a good exercise for down picking, down pick as fast as you can for one full minute. Do this every time you practice. It'll hurt like a bitch, but it's only acid build up. No pain no gain.
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And make sure to use heavy picks that are easy to grip. Petrucci himself uses Dunlop Jazz 3's, which are very heavy, but I can't get a good grip on a small pick like that. I use heavy Dunlop Tortex (purple), because they have this weird powdery stuff on the to prevent it from moving around in your fingers.
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Is it true that peter parker shows his butt in the next spiderman movie?
I had somewhat of a similar problem. Tell me, when you're playing it, what's your up/down pattern? That can really throw your grip off.

Myself when I play it is mostly wrist, just general riffing picking motion, and for the low E 00s I play down up, then down for the chords. It's economy picking, I suppose, because for the next chord change I go back to the down up down down up down.

You can see JP himself doing it here at 4:40ish.


Hope it helps!
Although I've seen a couple tabs where they have him double picking the chord after the open E's, if you're not doing that stick with the down stroke. If you ARE double picking the chord after the open E's, you'll have to go down-up, as it's too fast not to. Use your wrist!

As far as the pick slipping, a bit of a trick is using your tongue to slightly wet your thumb and index finger. Rub your thumb and index finger together, and your fingers will become moist and damp, not slippery. If your fingers become slippery then either keep rubbing them together, or dry 'em off and try again. This is something I use often when I notice my pick slipping due to sweat or cold.

Hope this helps!

- Justin
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I play 2 chords after the open E's. The picking motion itself should always come from your wrist, but for changing strings, I sometimes use my elbow. But the actual picking motion is always from the wrist.

To grip the pick better, take a knife or something and make some grooves on the places where your fingers touch it. Or try different picks.
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