Heres a link to the song we just recorded.


I'm still not to sure if it's rock or pop?

All the reviews I have got back, on this site too, say that it is really good song but i can't quite put a genre too it?????

Also what do you think of the production quality, worthy of mainstream radio??

If you want you can also download it here


sounds nice from what i can tell.

Sorry but i'm too tired for comments, but it's well mixed by my ear.
Yeah it's definitely not pop, definitely rock, I'd place it in the Alternative genre.

As for the mixing I thought it was pretty good, missing some professional touches but I couldn't do really any better myself. The only suggestion I might make is to bring the vocals down slightly in the earlier parts and roll of the low-mids just a little bit, on some of the sustained vocal notes I heard kind of a ringing tone coming through, and maybe just a smidge less resonance on the reverb, but thats just me and the sound I would go for, whatever you want it to sound like is part of your artistic freedom.