What you want to do is take a triplet eighth note beat (which is where you divide the beat by 3) and you are going to play on the first third (on the beat), rest on the next third and then play on the final third. So if P means to pick an R means to rest this is what it would look like for 1 measure with the corresponding beats in brackets preceding each pick attack:

(1)P R P (2)P R P (3)P R P (4)P R P

I hope this makes sense and helps you out.
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A blues shuffle means that every other note is twice the duration of every other, ie. 8th, 16th, 8th, 16th, 8th... Listen to Stevie Ray Vaughan's rhythm playing, for example on the track Pride and Joy to hear what I mean.

However, what is meant by it in this tab is that you'll play the chords, but play the higher note 2 frets higher every 3rd time (3rd time if you keep counting the chords as groups of four). Hope my incomprehensible explanation sheds any light on the subject.

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excellent guys, I know exactly what you mean from your description, thanks heaps, I cant wait to play this song like a pro.