Should I put a noise gate in my effects loop or should I run straight to amp input?
Its the only pedal i have in my setup just not sure what would work best for placement.
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Which noise gate is it?
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It depends what you are trying to do. If your guitar squealing/feedback is your problem, run the gate between the guitar and amp, after any dirt pedals.

If you roll the guitar volume all the way out, and are still getting amp hum, you should have the gate in the loop. Don't run it after any trail effects (delay, reverb, etc) as it will cut those off prematurely.
I always get confuse when people say "before" and "after" when referring to effects. Are we going from left to right or right to left?
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Quote by chip46
Signal goes from guitar to amp, so before means guitar side of the chain, and after means amp side. So if you say Delay goes after Dirt, then your signal is: Guitar->Dirt->Delay->Amp.

Ok thanks. I've been told that before but it always confuses me because the opposite seems more logical.
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