Hey guys,

Me and a friend of mine are looking for a school/shop with a program for guitar/bass repair/building/maintenance and/or audio recording. Not an official college but a place that has lessons or enrolled classes on either of these where we can hands-on learn how to do these. (I realize that we probably won't find what we're looking for in the same place). If you know any place in the South Coast area of Massachusetts that'd be awesome.

Also, how did all of you learn to do what you do? I realize a lot of people teach themselves or have backgrounds in related fields and we're just trying to learn in any way we can so we can competently repair our own instruments and make decent recordings.

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If you willing to travel, there is a place were you can learn to build guitars up here in Nova Scotia, I have never been there, but I here it is pretty good.

You can always find a place to go if you can keep your sanity