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Cheese might just be the greatest thing in the world. And theres at least a few hundred different kindsof cheese. What kind do you think is the best. I love many kinds but I must say that out of all of the earths cheeses I think that sharp chedder conquers all. Especially when your stoned and put it on ritz crackers Its the shit
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Brie, and only brie.

I had a bad experience with blue cheese at school and have never liked it since.

EDIT: Although edam is rather good when melted on toast
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me too but pepper jack is the shit

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inb4 cheesen

OT: I love Kraft Mac n' Cheese and Cheetos, but I don't really care for real cheese.
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Swiss Gruyere and Vacherin Mont d'Or
I like mature parmesan, the really strong flavoured stuff. I don't think there's any cheese I don't like, as long as it's good quality cheese.
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port salut and edam for gourmet shit.

havarti and provolone for your typical sandwich shit.
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American for cheeseburgers, marble jack for tacos, provolone and pepper jack for everything else.
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Edam is probably my favourite, halloumi is pretty nice too.
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On my sammiches, I like the Swedish cheeses Grevé (Emmentalerish, kinda, but more body) and Västerbotten cheese, a bitter, salty cheese. Edamer is nice too.

Love a good Parmesan as well, though I don't mind a Grana Padano either, especially if you're hurting for ze money (cheese is EXPENSIVE).

Oh, and I love me a good Gorgonzola pizza for that matter. Preferably when eating out.
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Sharp cheddar, provolone, Parmesan, ricotta. Where is poll?

There's way too many types of cheese for that....
I ****ing hate all cheese, cheese is awful.

Having said that, Jalapeno Havarti is incredible stuff.
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I ****ing hate all cheese, cheese is awful.

Having said that, Jalapeno Havarti is incredible stuff.

Leerdammer cheese. Haven't had it for ages though.
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I only like cheese when it isn't overpowering (pizza, lasagna, etc.).

Thread reminded me of this song:

I'm all about that cheese, swiss, mozzarella
Munster, colby, American or cheddar
When it come to robbery, nobody do it better
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The cleanest, lyrics is the meanest
Understand my english, nigga I'm a genius
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Thirty six O's and I break them all down
In and out of every trap all through the A-town
The Embassy, A.M.G., Young Money merger
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I love me some mozzarella. If I could only eat one cheese for the rest of my life, that's definitely what I would pick.

A close second would be Habanero Pepper Jack
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I'm lactose intolerant

Same. Hard cheese is pretty low in lactose but I still don't eat it. Not really a fan of cheese.
I like all cheeses except Swiss Cheese and any cheese similar in flavour (or in holiness).
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I'm lactose intolerant

Aren't there any cheese with glukose and galactose that you can eat or something...?
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Mozzarella and feta steal the show for me.

Camembert and Jarlsberg are up there too.

And the ever present Tasty and Cheddar.
The stronger the cheddar the better. Also became a fan of emmental recently, but only melted. It seems a bit bland otherwise.
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cheddar is the only correct answer to this question.

unless you like deathcore, in which case your favorite is probably Brie.
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unless you like deathcore, in which case your favorite is probably Brie.

Monterey Jack, that's beast. I once had a steak in some kind of blue cheese sauce, I'd LOVE to know what sauce it was, it made steak even greater .
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Mozarella, blue, and jalapeno cheddar.
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I've started to really like Halloumi recently

Halloumi is real nice. You should try tagliatelle, a creamy mushroom stew and grilled or fried halloumi. Absolutely killer.
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