Since I have had no luck finding people to play with together, I would love to play with anyone period. I like to play many different styles of music (country being excluded). I have the utmost respect for bluegrass players, but that is not what I want to play. I'm looking for Rock/Blues/Metal players of any kind to have some fun with. I have learned through playing other instruments that the only way to improve is to play with others. My problem is the people in my area are so close minded that they won't deviate from what they know. I'll try my best to play anything, and look forward to open ideas that can be built upon.
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Yo wadup, Im Blake and i sing from rock-metal to ragge and harmony as well. I also play a bit of guitar as well. What kind of music are you in and what are you looking to sound like and soo forth. Im from Colorado, but we can still work that out easily.
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where is lisle? that near chicago?

I could potentially do some stuff. i mainly play metal, i've got a good recording setup (good drums, good mic on good amp, gonna have a bass in about two weeks for good bass tracks). i could definitely use someone to bounce ideas off.

here's one of my recordings (note, i only did the guitars for this, the rest came from the band's professional studio tracks)


lemme know
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I need the bass line for come as you are anyone can do that I'll give a word to from my friend at Apple Corp.