i am a beginner and i never touch any guitar . i Would like to learn both electro-Acoustic and electric . But Don't know in what way . Should i go for electro-acoustic first or electric first ????
It doesn't really matter which you start on if you ask me, each has pro's /cons.

Very clear to hear when your doing something wrong, or a note isn't sounding right.
You don't have to buy an amp
You can strum along and get people to sing at parties etc
Will force you to learn your chords inside out, a lot of electric guitar players neglect them too much
When you get an electric, you'll find it easier to play

The strings are thicker, so it will hurt more at first
It's much harder to play lead guitar with but as your a beginner.this shouldnt matter much.

it will hurt less and be easier to fret
you can become that rockstar you always wanted to be

Due to buying amp as well, can be more expensive
playing with distortion at the start can hinder progress
If you really mean electro-acoustic then it makes no different, they sound and play exactly the same unplugged. If you meant a semi-acoustic as in a hollowbody or semi-hollow electric then that's a little different.

If you're undecided go electric - playing acoustic stuff on a clean electric sounds really nice still, trying to play distorted electric stuff on an acoustic is, conversely, one of the most soul-destroying experiences known to man.
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