I've been practicing alternate picking very strictly for the last 4 months and have seen a steady and drastic improvement. But recently I started doing push ups twice a day. And not too long after I started to feel tension in the arm of my picking hand.

To get rid of the tension I slowed down my metronome by 20 bpm. The tension decreased but I could still sense it. I then started practicing as slow as quarter notes at 50 bpm and slowly increased the speed to ensure that I was only using my wrist and that I didn't tense up. But the slight tension remained and whenever I would try to pick my previous top comfortable speed the tension made my arm hurt. Now I can feel tension just when positioning my arm over the body of the guitar.

This was not a problem before starting the push ups, and even though I have done everything to make my practice routine consistent and steady for 3 weeks now my technique is slowly decreasing.

So is it possible that doing push ups is hampering my alternate picking?
And if so should I stop doing push ups or will my muscles get used to it?
Your muscles will get used to it and the tension should go. But make sure you use a good posture/technique while exercising to prevent injury.
^Thanks, I have a question about posture though. Is crossing your legs okay?
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push-ups do not involve muscles you use when playing guitar so that's not the problem if you are doing both correctly (guitar and pushups)

So you don't use the muscles in your forearms or wrists when doing push ups???
instead of doing regular push ups, buy yourself some cheap push up bars which will alleviate the tension in your wrists from using flat palms, thus hopefully helping your playing. I work out often and have the exact same problem, but I do some hand and wrist stratches before playing to loosen up my forearms and hands. Hopefully this helps, not to mention the push up bars improve your range of motion and will hopefully allow you to see more gains.
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Yeah, push up bars has to be a lot better for the wrists. Thanks mate, will definately try it
I don't know whether the push ups are having an effect (try quitting pushups for a week and seeing if it helps) - but you may just be a lot more aware of tension you always had.
yea man of course it's possible - if you just started doing the pushups recently, and its twice a day... do you have a least some soreness from that in the upper body / arms?
Even if you are not sore - all those muscles are still in a state of strain.
that's probably why you suddenly feel tension around the arms that was not there before pushups.

Lots of people both work out and play guitar, so it's not a problem.

But I might cut down on the pushups for a while until your body gets more comfortable doing both. Just do them less often... and give it some time for the body to settle into the new routine.
(and stretch a lot)
good luck
With good form (both pushups and picking) you should have no problems. Make sure you're doing those pushups correctly. I workout and play guitar too. I'd invest in some joint health vitamins, since you're doing a lot of things that involve your wrists.
Don't buy artificial vitamins, just eat good food with loads of nutrients and without any of the crap the industry stuffs in it.
Also, when you do pushups, your muscles fill themselves with blood, which can make your body feel sore and stiff. Perhaps do pushups after you have played guitar?
It's possible that your muscles are just sore or tense from the pushups, especially if you're moving from pushups to playing guitar in a fairly short period of time. If so, you should see the tension fade somewhat as your muscles become used to the exercise. As mentioned, stretches will help a lot.
I do alot of push-ups when I do them like 3 times a week and I haven't noticed any tension, whether using my palms or knuckles. You should ask your doctor when you go for your next physical lol.
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I wouldn't see them as a big problem. Hopefully, you'll just get used to playing again and it will stop hampering you
I think you should keep doing pushups and instead focus on removing tension while playing. Your arms are probably sore and more sensitive.