Hello UG!!

I'm in search for a new guitar

I've looked at LTD and Jackson, but I haven't seen one with killer specs (so i can go try it out at the store later)

Here's the specs I'm looking for:

Body: either strat style or V
Pickups: they need to be passive (seymour duncans or emgs)
Neck: I don't care if it's 22 or 24 frets
Fingerboard: ebony or rosewood

And it MUST have a FR. Preferably an Original of course, but i don't mind if it's a licensed or a special.

My influences are: Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Green Day, Megadeth, Foo Fighters

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look into ESP/LTD, they have great guitars, you should probably find something that suits you
Jackson makes some really nice guitars like that, as does ESP(LTD).

EDIT: I myself have an Ibanez S670. Look into the Ibanez S series as well - their necks are REALLY thin though, so it's either you love them or you hate them.
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yes, i've been searching through them but i couldn't really decide, so I was wondering what other guitars were out there. Tops I can go is $570

I have one. It's lovely. Although the neck-heavyness requires getting used to when standing up.
They're "duncan designed" and have a licensed FR.

I liked it anyway...
I was looking at the Kramer Vanguard, have any of you guys played it?
We have pretty similar music tastes, and my guitar matches your specs perfectly. It has a damn good floyd, mahogany body, 24 frets, etc. Try an Ibanez S-Series, mine is the S5EX1:

also comes in grey if you don't like the gold.
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I had looked at the S420 too, I gotta admit it's got KILLER specs perfect for what I'm looking for, but I want to have more options too

I really like the Rhoads and King Vs. Out of those 3 guitars: s420, rx10d, kvx10. Which would you get?