Hi guys i have some things to ask,

I've been playing guitar for almost 3 years now. I practise a lot and my technique gets better every week. But now i have a problem.
1. My technique is quite good but when it comes to learning my songs i get stuck. It seems like a a song is to simple and boring or to hard. I can't find any songs in between. especcialy when it comes to solo's.
2. I'm loosing the fun in playing this way. Because i want to play the hard solo's I practise my technique every day. But it seems that playing scales/sweeps at 100km/u
doesn't improve my ability to do the same in a solo. I also play the solo's at low speed but i get stuck at 75% of the speed most of the time.

Because of this guitar playing is turning into a form of fingergymnastics rather dan the fun of playing music.

advice please!
I see myself in just about everything you say... I did quit guitar for a few years actually, but then came back more eager than ever.
How do you try to learn the solos btw? Do you try to learn all of it at once?
One thing that helped me was to dissect the solos completely into a bunch of licks.
Then go through the licks, see which ones are giving you a hard time and focus on them. Afterwards, put them all together and work on them as a whole. That makes things much easier and way more manageable.
^ What he said.
Depending on what you play different artists may be helpful for learning. For example, I think the solos from some of City of Evil from Avenged Sevenfold aren't too bad to start with. Seize the Day is pretty easy I think.

Or if you want to go to basics sometimes there are mini-solos (if you want to call them that) in pop punk songs.

Also, I find some days I just play along with songs I already know. Just to have some fun. Might help as well.
Ignore other people's material for a while.

Seriously, if you can't find music to learn that suits where you're at in your playing then write some that you know will challenge you. Put down your guitar and write a song without it that you know you will find hard to play but not impossible and learn that.
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