hi guys i play guitar seinze 1 year and a half and i never wrote any thing .. so the question is when should i start to write my own music and the other one is how to start doing this i mean do u have a method for that
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right away. really, it's a different skill. beeing a good guitarist doesn't make you a decent songwriter. try to learn new songs, theory and based on both just write. have fun.
whenever that first creative burst comes! I didnt start writing my own stuff until I had been playing a year. like Gh. said, it's a different skill. start improvising!
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right now.. even if it's just a C, A minor, and G chord. your creativity is a thread that you must keep pulling on to access it deeper. and you'll never get it if you don't pull
Anytime is good to start writing, My friend picked up guitar bout half a year ago and he's got a song he's been working on for awhile. I like seeing new guitarists try and write something more than experienced people sometimes. With experienced people I just hear rip offs of other songs a lot of the time but with newer people it may not be great but its not a bad copycat of another song. Even if it ain't great its easy to see potential or get a great idea from a new persons writing.
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Like Gh said, you don't really have to write music if you don't want. If you are interested look at some of the lessons on UG. Specifically, look at chord progressions and how to figure out the key of a song based on chords and the scale. There are also lots of lessons on song structure, but if you don't understand how to put the chords together that doesn't really matter. Hope that helps
The first thing I try to decide is if im gonna come up with a riff or music first, or lyrics first. I started playing guitar way before I ever wrote any lyrics or poems or whatever so I normally write the guitar before I write the lyrics. That's something you have to decide on your own. Almost any band that you encounter, if you look at their early material, is gonna seem pretty lame. At first, everything you write may sound kinda crappy but you'll figure it out in no time and find the direction you wanna go.
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but how do u write ur own songs do u just sit down with ur guitar and try things ?
and plz link me the lessons about how to figure out the key of a song thx
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