After experimenting with hundreds of pedals and constantly swapping out different models on my board, I think I have finally come up with a set up that should work.* I don’t know if there is anything I am specifically missing.* I have gone slightly crazy in the last couple of weeks getting the last couple of components but wanted to just get an opinion as to whether there were any glaring omissions…
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I could see the use for a volume pedal but that seems to be about it.* Any opinions?*
you sure love tc pedals haha :P I can't think of anything missing though. seems like you have a pretty sweet pedalboard =)
I like to have a pedal just for phaser and one for flanger- im just weird like that though.
And I just gotta plug crybaby wah pedals. Used vox for a while and crybaby is where it's at- if you got $120 to drop.

Sweet setup though
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I can see the use of two delay pedals, I just don't get why you have the Nova Drive and a Metal Muff, can't you get a metal muff tone out of the nova drive?
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I have the DOD Fuzz... good for a budget fuzz. For what you have on your board, there are better.
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I can see the use of two delay pedals, I just don't get why you have the Nova Drive and a Metal Muff, can't you get a metal muff tone out of the nova drive?

I doubt it has that much gain, or the same EQ functions of the Muff. They're two different animals.
I don’t think that the NovaDrive is great for really overdriven pure metal tone.* The distortion on it gets really crunchy in a bad way.* I like the overdrive, especially in conjunction with the Green Screamer.* The distortion I think is good for some light distortion tones but I cannot stand the heavy tone settings out of it.* It just doesn’t work great for me.
I agree that there are a lot of the TC pedals but I really like the features of those boxes.* The only thing that sucks about them is the power supplies.* They are 12v and I have not been able to locate any daisy chain adapters that will allow me to run all the units out of a single wall wart.
If anyone has a solution to this, I would really appreciate it.*
Hello $2k in pedals!
Sweet - I don't see the need for 10+ effects - I only need 2-4 more pedals to be complete (DL-4, Holy Grail Reverb, maybe a distortion pedal, maybe an EQ depending on the amp, and maybe a chorus pedal). And a board...And ya know, an amp that responds better to my effects.
if you wouldnt mind, would you explain why you ultimately went withe the BBE green screamer and not something like a ts9? im about to go try out that pedal today actually lol
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I agree that I will likely not be done but I thought that this should at least hold me over.
I am already discussing with my wife about getting a Death By Audio Fuzz Gun.
Regarding why I chose the Green Screamer over the TS-9… I like the tones better than the Ibanez.* I have a TS9 and then a Maxon clone.* Both of those are great pedals and I am not planning on selling either any time soon, but for constant use with the type of music I play, I think that the Screamer does the best job.* It is hard to go wrong with the Ibanez but I think that the Green Screamer, for my personal tastes, works better giving me a more consistent sound across the entire range.* I know it is a "clone" but I just love the tones that it has and think that the entire range is usable.* You will have to check them both out to figure out what works for you.* The Maxon is a beast of a pedal but just doesn’t give me the warm fuzzies like my BBE.*
(I am now playing 90% of my music through a DeVille, it takes pedals perfectly).*
I think this weekend I am going to get some plywood and build my own board.* I can rationalize spending money on pedals but not on a board.*
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Maybe a digitech whammy? Just for fun
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The * happen because I am at work, typing my responses on a computer, then emailing them to my iPhone and posting that way.* I have no idea why they are inserted but it is annoying.*
Regarding the Nova Dynamics, I think it depends what you want to use it for.* I like the compressor functions of the pedal.* I think it is really dynamic and being able to set different settings allows for quick changing of compressor settings. *I like having two different compressors available, one to leave on for leveling and the other to kick in to really squash for certain songs.*
That being said, I initially bought it because I wanted it to act as a compressor and noise gate.* I think the noise gate on it is crap.* There doesn't seem to be any happy medium.* I have spent hours just playing with knobs while a loop plays through and nothing seems to get that right level of noise reduction the way the ISP does.* The ISP is not only one of the prettier pedals out of the box but it is just a really functional pieces of kit.*
I would suggest the Nova Dynamics for anyone who wants a good compressor if you can get it for a good price.* I got mine through Amazon pretty cheaply and have been happy with it.*
its been said but its never done. not my thing but there are some solid pedals on there
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